Welcome to Case Fun, the mobile phone case site you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. Case Fun was formed in January 2010 we felt there was a genuine gap in the market for affordable good quality themed mobile phone cases. From the start we wanted to ensure fun themed designs on cases were accessible to everyone, which is why most of our cases cost less than a movie ticket.

We’ve got literally thousands of unique phone cases, with more designs being added each week, and you won’t find any of them on the high street.

From Alice in Wonderland to Klimt, from retro to sci-fi, our ever expanding range of inspired mobile phone themed cases is an unstoppable force.

We also have themed movie and TV cases, as well as space, pokemon or whatever is the latest trend design or slogan at the moment.

As if that’s not enough, we have loads of Banksy phone designs, featuring his most infamous designs as well as some lesser-known pieces.

If that doesn’t take your fancy, just take a look around the site. Whatever weird stuff you’re into, we won’t judge! All we will say is that with Case Fun, following the crowd is not an option.

We manufacture from the UK in Wiltshire and are very proud of this fact so why not express your individual style.

Still Curious?

To learn about our products and find heaps of useful info about ordering, shipping and more go to our FAQ's page. If you still have questions or feedback, contact us!

Yours Sincerley,

Case Fun Ltd